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Fight the Flu FAIL

February 13, 2011

Look to the one on the right side. What does that even say? Fish our hinds?


Spotted in Zellerbach. It’s been seriously bothering me since last semester. Why Tang Center WHY!?


February 13, 2011

As fellow internet goers, we all know cats= win.

This cat-owning girl was spotted at Bank of America in Berkeley.

I saw this off of a fellow Cal student’s tumblr. She said it was a fail (more or less). CLEARLY WIN.


February 10, 2011

It’s a fail if this is real (I highly doubt Berkeley would allow this) or maybe win for clever defacement resulting in embarrassment for poor Stephanie? (unless she’s into that sort of thing, totally not one to judge here O:] )

Found floating around on tumblr of all places.